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Upsurge’s Hubspot Expert Helps Chopcast (formerly Tribetactics) Expand Reach and Boost Sales

Case Study


Chopcast is a content repurposing platform that helps businesses transform their webinars and video podcasts into bite-sized clips and captions to boost their reach and engagement. With features like auto generated clips, instant subtitles, and various export options, Chopcast makes it easy for businesses to create, resize, and repurpose their video content for multiple platforms and audiences.


Chopcast was facing the challenge of limited reach despite having a valuable content repurposing platform. They lacked proper marketing activities to promote their product and reach a wider audience. As a result, they were unable to achieve their goal of increasing their customer base and growing their business.

“Despite having a powerful content repurposing platform, we were struggling to reach the right audience and grow our business. We realized that we needed expert help to create effective marketing strategies that would help us achieve our goals.” – A Chopcast team member.



Chopcast found Upsurge through their website and after reviewing their services, they chose Upsurge for their expertise in Hubspot implementation and sales and marketing management.
The solution they chose was a complete Hubspot setup, which included the implementation of Hubspot’s marketing, sales, and service tools, as well as the provision of a dedicated Hubspot expert who managed their sales and marketing activities. The implementation process was seamless, with Upsurge working closely with Chopcast to ensure that their specific needs were met and their goals were achieved.


Chopcast was not aware of the capabilities of Hubspot before partnering with Upsurge.

After implementing the platform and working with a dedicated Hubspot expert, they were able to achieve several benefits. One major benefit was the ability to reach their target audience through targeted campaigns.

They were able to create and execute effective marketing strategies that resonated with their target audience, resulting in increased engagement and lead generation.

Additionally, they were able to track and analyze the performance of their marketing activities, including email campaigns, through Hubspot’s detailed reporting features.

This allowed them to see key metrics such as bounce rate, open rate, and click rate, which helped them make data-driven decisions to improve their overall marketing effectiveness.

“Upsurge and Hubspot completely transformed the way we approach marketing.  We were amazed at how targeted our campaigns became and the results were evident in the increased engagement and lead generation. – A Chopcast team member.

Case Study


The use of automation and CRM tools such as HubSpot, Mailshake, and PipeDrive enabled Staykeepers to increase efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve measurable benefits. This highlights the importance of implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and automating marketing and sales processes.

The organization has a team of 51-200 employees who are responsible for various aspects of their operations, such as property management, sales, and customer service.

“Let us help you dominate in your industry by automating and managing your business processes and operations.”

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